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Nokia 'Swan' Smartphone & dual screen Tablet with 42MP camera & 4GB RAM

There is a good news for all NOKIA fans. Nokia is really something to look forward to if the Nokia phone is to be out in the future. However, as concepts make us feel more hopeful for the unique mobile market, there are more and more designs coming. For example, Nokia Swan Android Phone is a wonderful phone with huge 42MP Purview camera and 4GB RAM.

The Nokia Swan combines smartphone and tablet into one device. For normal cell phone use, it is a completely amazing smart phone. With a quad core CPU, probably an Intel chip, and probably over 4GB of RAM, Nokia Swan is really something we should buy. Moreover, it comes with 128GB of internal storage.

When opened, the device transforms into a tablet, with dual touch screens. If you want, you can use it as a small laptop also. Since Nokia Swan display is around 5.3’’, it will turn into a 11’’device when transformed. If this device is to come true, it will be a great handset for both work and entertainment. Nokia Swan concept is a great thing to look at while waiting for Nokia to come back. Nokia fans out there, are you satisfied with this hybrid device between a smart phone and a tablet?

So far we know that Nokia will have their comeback in 2016, with the Nokia C1 Android Smartphone. In January 2016, Nokia’s contract with Microsoft Mobile will run out, so we will see the first Nokia phones in 2016 again. We really hope that the Nokia Swan phablet will also be released in 2016 with other Nokia Smartphones.

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